Pakistan Pm Imran Khan : Pakistan most at risk due to climate change

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Islamabad, June 3 : Pakistan is among the countries most at risk due to climate change, Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Thursday.

“We are more vulnerable than Bangladesh due to the melting of our glaciers. It is not our fault. There are giants that contribute to carbon emissions but countries like us face the consequences,” Dawn news quoted Khan as saying at an event here.

“For the first time in the US, President Joe Biden’s administration is focusing on climate change. The previous administration was not thinking about environmental degradation,” he added.

Khan reiterated that it was imperative to take steps to protect the environment, which include making national parks, planting trees and carrying out urban forestry.

“We need to utilise all available resources to increase the number of trees in the country.”

The Prime Minister lauded that fact that mangroves had increased in the country during the last 20 years despite deforestation.

Regarding awareness about climate change among the public, especially among school children, he said: “We need to take this further so that our entire country is focused on ensuring a better future for coming generations.”


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