Pakistani prosecutors summon Imran Khan for interrogation – Reports

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Islamabad, May 30 : Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan summoned on Tuesday by prosecutors of the Punjab province in connection with the investigation into May 9 protests and attacks on public property, Pakistani Geo News portal reported, citing sources.

On May 9, Khan was taken into custody on corruption charges. Following the arrest, his supporters started mass protests across the country, which resulted in violent clashes with the police and attacks on government and military facilities. At least eight people died during the protests. The Supreme Court of Pakistan declared Khan’s arrest illegal and released the politician on bail.

According to the report, Khan was summoned by a unit in charge of the investigation into arson attempts against the house of Pakistan’s first governor-general Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the Askari Corporate Tower in the city of Lahore. Pakistan’s former leader is in consultations with his lawyers at the moment and has not made a decision whether he will meet with the prosecutors or not.

On Friday, Pakistani Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said that the cases of more than 30 people suspected of involvement in the riots have been transferred to military courts. However, Khan has asked the Supreme Court to declare the application of military laws to the actions of civilians in peacetime illegal and accused the authorities of provoking the protests and arson.

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