Panchayat poll candidate in Andhra wears election symbol to woo voters

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Gummalaxmipuram (Andhra Pradesh), Feb 11 : A panchayat election contestant at Gummalaxmipuram in Andhra Pradesh’s Vizianagaram district is wearing his election symbol — a gown — to impress upon the voters to cast their vote in his favour.

Munukoti Srinivasa Rao and his best friend wore a gown each and went into the market to canvas for Rao’s candidature for a ward. While Rao wore a light coloured gown, his friend sported a dark gown as they went to meet the people.

“My election symbol is a gown. I request you to vote for me,” Rao said with folded hands to a smiling woman shopkeeper selling plastic buckets.

Rao them moved on to another shopkeeper and informed him about his election symbol and the position for which he was contesting in the north coastal Andhra village. Gummalaxmipuram is 211 km north of Visakhapatnam.

“Please vote for gown symbol,” Rao pleaded as he paraded through the village.

“Munukoti Srinivasa Rao is my best friend. He is contesting for ward number 7 in Gummalaxmipuram panchayat. He has a gown symbol. I request you to vote for the gown and enable him to win with the highest majority,” Rao’s friend said.

Scissor, gown and cot, among others, are some of the symbols allocated by the electoral authorities in the ongoing four-phase rural local body elections in Andhra Pradesh.


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