Pilgrims urged to perform environment-friendly Hajj

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Riyadh/Mecca, June 26 : Saudi Arabia is fully prepared to receive more than two million pilgrims for Hajj rites as the numbers of the faithful undertaking the obligatory Islamic duty return to their pre-pandemic levels.

In the run-up to Hajj, which begins on Monday, the kingdom’s Ministry of Environment has exhorted pilgrims to adopt environment-friendly practices while performing the rituals to protect the environment and public health in and around the holy city of Mecca where Hajj takes place.

As part of an awareness campaign, the ministry has advised pilgrims to take some necessary steps before setting out on their spiritual journey.

The environment-friendly recommendations include donning an ihram or white seamless robe made of recyclable fabrics, carrying reusable water bottles rather than disposable plastic packs, and wearing high-quality, durable shoes.

The faithful are also recommended to carry energy-saving electric devices, Gulf news reports.

Hajj is one of Islam’s five pillars. Muslims, who can physically and financially afford Hajj, have to perform it at least once in a lifetime, according to Gulf news.

Saudi Arabia has said there will be no limits on the numbers and ages of pilgrims from across the globe for this year’s Hajj season, reversing earlier restrictions prompted by the global pandemic.

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