Plasma lab in Patna involved in selling fake RTPCR reports

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Patna, Sep 30 : Patna police have raided a plasma diagnostic lab and seized a large number of fake RT-PCR Covid-19 reports, police said.

The officials of health department and a team of Shastri Nagar police station raided the lab in Raja Bazaar on Wednesday evening after a complaint was lodged by the airport authority of Patna.

The incident came to the knowledge of airport authority after a passenger was nabbed with fake RT-PCR report issued from the Raja Bazaar lab. The passenger was trying to travel woth the fake RT-PCR report.

“During the raid, we seized a number of documents, including fake RT-PCR reports. The employees of the lab admitted that the fake RT-PCR certificates were sold to some people,” SHO of Shastri Nagar police station told IANS.

“We have detained a lab official. The investigation is currently underway,” he said.

As per the guideline of Civil Aviation Department, RT-PCR test is mandatory for travelling inside the country and abroad. Many people who have not undergone testing or taken the vaccines are the potential buyers of these fake certificates from this lab.


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