PM dedicates to nation 35 oxygen plants made under ‘PM Cares’

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Rishikesh, Oct 7 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday dedicated 35 PSA oxygen plants to the nation, and said that the kind of infrastructure India created in limited time during the Covid-19 pandemic shows India’s capabilities.

Speaking at an event at AIIMS Rishikesh, the Prime Minister said that the world is watching closely how India is handling the Covid-19 pandemic.
“World is closely watching how India is facing the biggest challenge of 100 years (Covid-19 pandemic). The kind of facilities India created in limited time shows our capabilities,” he said.

The Prime Minister said India created a network of labs, increased its oxygen production by almost ten times during the second wave, and is now running the world’s “fastest and largest” vaccination program. He also said that the country’s large population and diverse geography were major challenges.
“Work was done at war scale day and night. Wherever possible, oxygen plants and tankers were arranged. Special oxygen trains were run, Indian Air Force aircraft were used for transporting oxygen, PSA oxygen plants were built and funds were given for over one lakh oxygen concentrators,” the Prime Minister said.

He said for future preparedness, over 1,150 PSA oxygen plants have been installed under the PM Cares fund, and now every district of the country is covered by these plants.

“For better preparedness in future, a network of PSA oxygen plants is being created. Under the PM Cares fund, over 1,150 oxygen plants are already functional. Every district is now covered by Oxygen plants made under the PM Cares,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister dedicated to the nation 35 Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Oxygen Plants established under PM CARES, across 35 States and Union Territories.

According to an official statement, 1224 PSA Oxygen Plants have been funded under PM Cares all across the country, out of which more than 1100 Plants have been commissioned, providing an output of over 1750 MT oxygen per day.


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