PM Modi : Modi to be back in Bihar on Nov 3; live rallies in 200 grounds

Modi to be back in Bihar on Nov 3; live rallies in 200 grounds

New Delhi, Nov 3 : As Bihar goes to polls for the second phase on Tuesday, BJP’s biggest crowd puller, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be back in the state campaigning. Interestingly, his rallies will be digitally transmitted to 200 grounds in Bihar where more crowds will assemble.

The Prime Minister has two rallies scheduled for Tuesday — one at Arariya and another at Saharsa. Both the rallies are kept early in the day deliberately.

The first rally is at 9.30 a.m. in the morning when Prime Minister Modi will address, what the BJP is calling a “vishal Jan sabha” at Farbisganj’s Hawai Adda Maidan which comes under Arariya.

The second rally is scheduled at 11.30 a.m. in the morning at Saharsa’s Patel Maidan.

The live telecast of this rally is being organised by BJP is 200 grounds in Bihar which will be beamed digitally.

Large screens are being put in all those 200 grounds for the assembled crowd to watch Modi in real time.

Mid to senior level BJP leaders are also asked to be in attendance in all those grounds to enthuse the crowd.

The second phase of poll on Tuesday will be held across 17 districts of Bihar.

A total 94 seats are at stake in this phase where the BJP will fight it out at 46 seats while the JD-U at 43 to defeat RJD-Congress-Left alliance in the state.


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