PM Modi to address Sydney Dialogue outlining India’s tech evolution and revolution

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New Delhi, Nov 16 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi will deliver a keynote address at the inaugural Sydney Dialogue on November 18, outlining India’s technology evolution and revolution.

Organised by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), the Sydney Dialogue is a world-first summit for emerging, critical and cyber technologies.

The inaugural dialogue will be hosted virtually from Australia and will be held from November 17–19.

The Sydney Dialogue will have an Indo-Pacific focus and will bring business, government and technology leaders together with the world’s best strategic thinkers, to debate, generate ideas and work towards common understandings of the challenges posed by new technologies.

The program will commence with an opening address from Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Prime Minister Modi will discuss how India’s tech industry is solving global problems and how his government is unleashing the next entrepreneurial and innovation class. The keynote address will be available to all delegates online and publicly broadcast. The facilitated Q&A will be conducted off record. Prime Minister Modi will be introduced by his Australian counterpart Scott Morrison MP.

According to ASPI, conversations about technology are currently taking place in silos – for example, on artificial intelligence, the use of surveillance technologies, quantum, space and biotechnology, disinformation and cyber-enabled interference, supply chain resilience and the future of cyberspace. The Sydney Dialogue provides a forum for the world to anticipate and respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by increasingly complex advances in technology.

The dialogue will span both public and private activities, including keynotes, panels, roundtables, podcasts, an annual publication and more.


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