PM Modi To ISRO : PM congratulates ISRO for successful launch of PSLV-C49/EOS-01 Mission

New Delhi, Nov 7 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday congratulated the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the country’s space industry for the successful launch of the PSLV-C49 rocket and the placing of radar imaging earth observation satellite EOS-01 into the orbit.

“I congratulate ISRO and India’s space industry for the successful launch of PSLV-C49/EOS-01 Mission today. In the time of Covid-19, our scientists overcame many constraints to meet the deadline,” the Prime Minister tweeted.

“Nine satellites, including four each from the US and Luxembourg and one from Lithuania, have also been launched in the Mission,” he said in another tweet.

India on Saturday successfully placed into orbit EOS-01, and nine other foreign satellites in a text book style.

India’s new earth observation satellite will send good clarity images, which will be used for agriculture, forestry and disaster management support, ISRO said.

The EOS-01 with synthetic aperture radar (SAR) can shoot pictures in all weather conditions.

The satellite can take pictures day and night and will be useful for surveillance as well as civilian activities.


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