PM Modi to unveil over Rs 4,505 crore development projects in Gujarat on Sept 27

Gandhinagar, Sep 25 : Prime Minister Modi will visit Gujarat on September 27 and will inaugurate multiple development projects amounting to Rs 5,206 crore in the Chhota Udepur district.

Modi will also unveil development initiatives worth at Rs 4,505 crore under the Mission Schools of Excellence, encompassing various sectors including roads and buildings, urban development, science and technology, and water supply.

This comprehensive initiative includes the launch of projects worth Rs 1,426 crore and the completion of projects worth Rs 3,079 crore. The key highlights encompass the establishment of 9,088 new classrooms, deployment of 50,300 smart classrooms, creation of 19,600 computer labs, modernisation of 12,622 classrooms, and enhancement of associated facilities.

He will also initiate Village Wi-Fi facilities, extending its reach to 7,500 villages across 22 districts, benefiting approximately 20 lakh beneficiaries. This endeavor has been allocated Rs 60 crore for its implementation.

In addition to the educational thrust, the Prime Minister will inaugurate projects worth Rs 277 crore under the Roads and Buildings Department, Rs 251 crore under the Urban Development Department, and Rs 80 crore under the Water Supply Department. 

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