PM’s statement based on lies- Kumari Selja

Chandigarh, Nov 30 : President, Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee Kumari Selja said the statement made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Varanasi is based only on the foundation of lies.

The Prime Minister only lied about the anti-agriculture black laws. Prime Minister is trying to mislead the farmers with his false and hollow statements, but farmers know the truth. Prime Minister has completely forgotten the interests of the countrymen in order to benefit his capitalist friends. For the sake of his capitalist friends, the Prime Minister is constantly cheating the countrymen. The BJP government should immediately talk to the farmers without any condition and withdraw these anti-agriculture black laws.

In a statement issued here Monday , Kumari Selja said Prime Minister Modi, who talks about Minimum Support Price, should come to Haryana and see how farmers are suffering in the BJP ruled Haryana. The farmers in Haryana have not been able to get the MSP of their crop during this season. The farmers have been looted in the crop insurance scheme launched by Prime Minister and private companies have made huge profits. The truth is that the statements of the Prime Minister are far from the truth and his words are based only on the foundation of lies.

Kumari Selja said the Prime Minister, who talked about democracy, should explain why farmers were not consulted before passing the agricultural bills. Why the voice of opposition was not heard? Why the farmers agitating in a peaceful manner are being tortured by his government? Why the MSP was not guaranteed in these laws?

Why did the government put a condition for talks with farmers? Prime Minister Narendra Modi should explain why the Swaminathan Commission report, which he had promised to implement before the election, was not implemented. After all, why is Prime Minister keeping silent on farmers’ main demand of giving guarantee of MSP in these laws?


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