Police in US state seize 500,000 lbs of illegal marijuana worth about USD 500 mln

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Washington, Nov 21 : The police of the US state of Oregon found and seized 500,000 pounds of illegal marijuana valued at approximately $500 million during a search in warehouses, the state police said.

The search in five industrial warehouses in White City started on Thursday. During the first two days of the raid, over 100 people were detained and questioned, but later, all of them were released.

“During the operation, which spanned over two days, an epic amount of illegal, processed marijuana and a firearm were seized. The DES Team’s conservative estimation on the amount of processed marijuana seized was approximately 500,000 lbs., which depending on where it would be exported to, has a conservative street value of somewhere around $500 million.

This is a very involved investigation and will be ongoing for several weeks. OSP will be releasing more information when available,” the Oregon State Police said on Saturday.

The investigation will take several weeks, according to a statement.


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