Posters ban entry of non-Hindus to Varanasi Ghats

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Varanasi, Jan 7 : Posters banning the entry of non-Hindus to the Varanasai ghats along the Ganga appeared on the walls of buildings, which were reportedly pasted by activists of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal.

The city convenor of Bajrang Dal, Nikhil Tripathi ‘Rudra’ said that through these posters, a ‘clear’ message has been given to those who treat the ghat as ‘picnic spots’.

“We are warning to them to stay away from the ghats of Ganga, as it is not a picnic spot but a symbol of ‘Sanatan’ culture,” he said.

The VHP city secretary, Rajan Gupta, said that those who have no respect for Sanatan dharma should not come to the ghats and temples.

“We will welcome them if they show respect to Sanatan dharma,” he said.

The poster adds that “it is not a request but a warning”.

A large number of foreign tourists come to Varanasi and spend hours at the ghats, interacting with local people.

Right-wing activists had earlier objected to smoking by these tourists.

The activists had also staged demonstrations and recited the Hanuman Chalisa in front of a church in Chandmari area on New Year’s Eve.


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