Presidential Poll: Murmu extends lead over Sinha after second round of counting

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New Delhi, July 21 : NDA candidate Draupadi Murmu is ahead of Opposition nominee Yashwant Sinha by a huge margin after the second round of counting for the Presidential election, which included ballot papers from the first 10 states.

Of the 1,886 valid votes counted so far, Murmu has bagged 1,349, while Sinha got 537.

As far the second round of counting is concerned, of the total 1,138 valid votes counted, Murmu got 809 while Sinha bagged 329 votes.

After the first round of counting on Thursday, the number of votes in favour of Droupadi was 540 while Sinha managed 208 out of the 748 valid votes.

The counting of votes is likely to be concluded by Thursday evening.

If elected, Murmu will be the first tribal woman to occupy the top constitutional post in the country.


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