Prime Minister Narendra Modi : Healthcare workers have set new benchmark of service to humanity

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New Delhi, Oct 24 : Healthcare workers in India have established a new benchmark of service to humanity, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday in his radio program Mann ki Baat, two days after India crossed the historic milestone of administering 100 crore Covid-19 vaccines.

The Prime Minister in his address to the nation said he always believed the vaccination campaign would achieve huge success.

“The figure of 100 crore vaccine doses might surely be enormous, but there are lakhs of tiny inspirational and pride-evoking experiences, numerous examples that are associated with it… I had developed the belief that this campaign would achieve such a huge success!” Modi said in his 82nd edition of Mann ki Baat.

“I had this firm faith, since I am well acquainted with the capabilities of my country and her people. I knew that our healthcare workers would leave no stone unturned in the vaccination of our countrymen,” he said.

“Our health workers, through their tireless efforts and resolve, set a new example…they established a new benchmark in service to humanity through innovation and sheer determination,” the Prime Minister said.

He said there are innumerable instances that convey how healthcare workers crossed all hurdles and provided the security shield to the maximum number of people.
“We’ve often read in newspapers, heard elsewhere as well how hard our people have worked to undertake this task; numerous inspiring examples are there in front of us, each one better than the other,” he said.

The Prime Minister also interacted with healthcare worker Poonam Nautiyal from Bageshwar in Uttarakhand.

“The government of Uttarakhand rightfully deserves accolades since it has remote areas with difficult terrain. Similarly, Himachal too has completed the task of cent-percent doses despite such difficulties,” he said.

He added that it is on account of the hard work put in by lakhs of healthworkers like Nautiyal that India could cross the hundred-crore vaccine doses mark.
“Today, I am grateful and express my thanks, not just to you but to every Bharatvasi, every Indian, who raised the ‘Sabko vaccine – Muft vaccine’ campaign to such lofty heights of success,” he said.


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