Prime Video streams Ravi Teja’s ‘Ravanasura’

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New Delhi, Apr 28 : Prime Video on Friday announced the global streaming premiere of the Telugu action crime drama, ‘Ravanasura’ starring Ravi Teja, Megha Akash, and Anu Emmanuel in the lead roles.

Directed by Sudheer Varma and produced by Ravi Teja and Abhishek Nama, the film narrates the story of a junior lawyer Ravindra (Ravi Teja), who may come across as a regular professional, but there’s more to him that’s beneath the surface.

An engaging crime thriller, ‘Ravanasura’ chronicles the journey of a criminal lawyer Ravindra who takes up a high-profile murder case. However, a police officer investigates a series of a few brutal murders and finds a critical lead connecting him to Ravindra, who has a secret penchant for murder.

What follows is the search for the mastermind behind the slew of murders and his connection with Ravindra.

“Ravanasura has been really special to me and I thoroughly enjoyed working on this film. Our director, Sudheer Varma, has done a wonderful job and I am sure this film will keep the audiences glued till the end, while also entertaining them,” says Ravi Teja.

“Fans have showered love on this action-crime-drama when it was released in the theaters and I am grateful for their unwavering support. I cannot wait for the audience across the globe to witness it as well,” added Ravi.

“Directing Ravansura has been an incredible learning experience for me,” says director Sudheer Varma.

“The film is an action-crime-drama with some unexpected twists and turns and has got many thrilling elements that will keep the audience hooked till the end. It was a privilege to work with such talented actors. Ravi Teja has done a phenomenal job as a character that has a dual side to him just like a coin, and he has portrayed both sides exceptionally.

We are thrilled that the film will reach cinephiles across the world with its streaming premiere on Prime Video,” he added.

‘Ravanasura’ is now streaming on Prime Video.


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