Priyanka Gandhi : Govt increasing fuel price, but not sugarcane prices in UP

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New Delhi, Sep 2 : Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Thursday said government is increasing gas and other fuel prices but the sugarcane prices in Uttar Pradesh have not been increased in three years.

“BJP government is increasing cooking gas prices every month. Petrol diesel prices jump 60-70 times in 3-4 months,” the Congress General Secretary said in a tweet.

“Sugarcane rates for farmers has not been increased in three years,” she said.

Congress has been attacking government over rising fuel prices. Priyanka Gandhi, who is looking after Uttar Pradesh, has also been attacking the state government over sugarcane prices.

Union government recently increased FRP for sugarcane by Rs 5 per quintal, bringing it up to Rs 290 a quintal.

Punjab government recently increased sugarcane price in the state to Rs 360 per quintal, giving a raise of Rs 35 per quintal.

The price of sugarcane in Uttar Pradesh at present is Rs 315 per quintal. It was increased last in 2017 by the Yogi Adityanath government by Rs 10 per quintal.

On Wednesday, the government hiked the price of the domestic cylinders by Rs 25, a second hike within 15 days.


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