Processing Indian visas a top priority, says US

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New Delhi/Washington, May 25 : The US said that processing Indian visas is a top priority for Washington, and their consular teams in India have been making a huge push to process the visas.

US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said in answer to a question on the issue:

“And then I will just say specifically with request – as it pertains to the visa issue…, that our consular teams – we obviously recognize that it’s an area of concern, and our consular teams have been making a huge push to process as many visa applications as possible in India, including those in visa categories that are a key to the bilateral relationship.

“It is a top priority for our government and I know it’s a top priority for our embassy in the country.”

He was answering a query on the huge delays in processing visas in India and whether the new US Ambassador Eric Garcetti will break the ice on the issue.

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