Procurement centres for paddy will not be set up during Yasangi season in Telangana : CM

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Hyderabad, Dec 19 : In the backdrop of Centre stating that it will not buy paddy from Telangana, Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao categorically stated that Procurement Centres for Paddy would not be set up during the Yasangi (Rabi) season in the state.

At a meeting with the District Collectors held at Pragathi Bhavan, the CM’s camp office here on Saturday, Mr Rao reiterated that the state government is not in a position to even purchase a Kilo of Paddy in the Yasangi ” season and alleged that the Centre is taking decisions to destroy the interests of Telangana farmers.

Though the decision was painful, there was no option for the state government due to the adamant attitude of the Centre, he said.

The Chief Minister said due to the Centre’s apathy, such a situation arised that the state government had to take this decision.

Mr Rao made it clear that the responsibility lies with the Collectors to protect the farmers of the state from the dangerous policies of the Centre, which will adversely impact the agriculture sector in the state.

As part of it, the Collectors should explain to the farmers why the state is not in a position to buy Paddy during the summer season, he said.

The Chief Minister instructed the Collectors and Agriculture officers to prepare famers ready to go in for alternative crops during the summer.

He said it is regrettable that the Food Corporation of India (FCI)I, which was formed Constitutionally for the food safety in the country, refused to buy summer Paddy from Telangana labeling it as salted rice.

The fact that the rice piling up in large quantities in the godowns of the FCI are getting rotten due to the negligence of the FCI and it should be taken to the notice of people, Mr Rao said and instructed the officials to write letters in this regard to the Centre.


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