Protocol sanctions transactions of ambassadors in Bangladesh is talk of Dhaka

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By Mir Afroz Zaman

Dhaka, May 19 : Additional security of six foreign embassies in Bangladesh has been withdrawn. Halting trade with countries, which have imposed sanctions. And the United States may not want to see the current Bangladesh Prime Minister in power.

There is now a heated discussion on the issues in Dhaka. It is now the talk of Dhaka. It is also being talked about whether there is a link between one of these and the other.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina spoke twice about the country that has imposed sanction. First, she said we will not buy anything from those who have sanctioned us. Then on Monday she said in a press conference that we will not do business with them. On Tuesday, the additional security of six embassies and ambassadors, including the United States, was withdrawn. And in an interview aired on BBC on Tuesday night, she said that the United States may not want to see me in power and has banned some members of the law and order forces, including the RAB.

Additional security has been withdrawn from six embassies and ambassadors – the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Australia, Japan and Saudi Arabia. The police escort of the countries’ ambassadors has also been withdrawn. “Each embassy continues to have police security and police gunmen for ambassadors. The extra security provided to them in special circumstances has been withdrawn,” the Ministry of External Affairs said in a statement.

State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam said, “After the Holy Artisan attack, some foreign diplomats were given additional manpower, including cars, mainly to support regular traffic movements. So it has been withdrawn. Because currently the law and order situation in Bangladesh is normal and under control”.

He also said, “Bangladeshi embassies and diplomats abroad do not get special security from the country’s law and order forces. We have to see that too. They ensure security for themselves. And these days many embassies are also applying for extra security. That is not possible. But any embassy can take Ansar spending money if they want. A special unit of Ansar is also being made for that.”

“It is a normal process. It has nothing to do with anything else,” he claimed.

However, former ambassador Humayun Kabir said, “How much security the ambassadors of a country get in the country where they are working depends on the security situation of that country. It is up to the host country to create a security environment in that country. It is up to the host country how the embassies and ambassadors are kept safe”.

He said, “There was no security crisis in the Western countries where I served as a diplomat. So they didn’t provide security. We didn’t want it. We provided it where it was needed.”

However, when asked if there is any connection with the current political context, he said, “We think there is no political issue here. But one can find a link”.

CIRDAP Director and economist Helal Uddin thinks, “The Prime Minister’s statement about not doing business with those who have imposed sanctions is political. Because we have been sanctioned by the US. It is not possible to not do business with them. As a single country, we are the largest exporter of ready-made garments to the US. In the dollar crisis, we are taking soft loan from the World Bank and IMF, the United States is needed, because it is the United States that is behind the World Bank and the IMF”.

In his words, “It should not be said verbally. The government should issue an order not to deal. Will the private sector listen to the government’s order by word? Is it possible to listen to it?”

He thinks, “The Prime Minister wants to make some bargaining by saying these things. The Prime Minister visited Japan. Will Japan do anything excluding the United States? And we have all the relations with the United States, why not trade relations? It is an impossible thought”.

Before the elections, Sheikh Hasina wants to strengthen the morale of leaders and workers, said political science teacher of Dhaka University Dr. Shantanu Majumder. At the same time, she wants to convey a strong message to agitating opposition parties. She wants to give a message that she can overcome foreign pressure.

He said, “I don’t know how much the few incidents that happened are related to each other. But there is definitely politics”.

The United States may not want to see her in power, so it has sanctioned Bangladesh. When asked how this statement will give courage to the leaders and workers, he said, “She may be trying to convey her brave position. She is also expressing her ideas. She wants to show courage by revealing everything”.

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