PTI-backed candidates win coveted Senate chairman and deputy slots despite lacking numbers

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Islamabad, Mar 13 : PTI candidate Sadiq Sanjrani won another term as the Senate chairman on Friday, despite the opposition having a majority in the Upper House.

The ruling PTI also managed to win the deputy chairman position when its candidate Senator Mirza Moha¬m¬mad Afridi defeated opposition candidate Maulana Abdul Gha¬foor Haideri of the JUI-F, Dawn reported.

There was some controversy regarding the result because the opposition candidate and former prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani had as many as seven votes in his favour rejected leading to the opposition challenging the result, which was overruled by the presiding officer Syed Muzaffar Hussain Shah who said that the reason the votes were rejected was because they were not stamped properly. Another vote was rejected because it had been cast in favour of both the candidates.

With a total of eight votes rejected, Gilani received 42 valid votes, while Sanjrani won the election after bagging 48 votes. In total, 98 senators voted in the election.

In the deputy chairman election, Afridi received 54 votes, while Haideri received 44 votes, suggesting that as many as seven opposition senators in all likelyhood voted for the PTI-backed candidate.


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