Puducherry Local Body Election : Nothing to contradict or challenge PM’s remark-Ramadass

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Puducherry, Dec 30 : Former Lok Sabha member from Puducherry Prof M Ramadass on Wednesday said that the recent remark of the Prime Minister that the Congress ruled government in the Union Territory has failed to conduct local body polls despite the Supreme Court directive in 2018, is a plain fact and there is nothing to contradict or challenge it .

In a statement here, Mr Ramadass said the panicky reaction of the Chief Minister V Narayanasamy and his challenge to the Prime Minister for a debate on the issue is unwarranted as it would be disastrous to him with the empirical facts easily exposing his canard. A gracious and honest Chief Minister should uphold the dignity of constitutional office by accepting a failure rather than hoodwinking the people by shifting the blame on others.

The Chief Minister pretends to debate specifically on three issues: Firstly, the Supreme Court directive came when Mr Rengasamy was the Chief Minister and the Prime Minister has not questioned him. This is absolutely untrue. The Supreme Court delivered the judgment on 8th May 2018 directing the Union Territory Government to complete the local Body Polls by 20th July,2018, failing which serious consequences would ensue.

Everybody in the world knows that Mr Narayanasamy and not Mr Rengasamy was the chief Minister when the Supreme Court intervened in 2018 and how will the Prime Minister question Mr. Rengasamy. The Prime Minister also reminded only Narayanasamy Government on the need to hold local body polls on 25th February, 2018 when he visited Puducherry to participate in the Golden Jubilee celebrations of Auroville. Mr. Narayanasamy did not heed to this saner advice of the Prime Minister and failed in his duty.

Detailing two more issues the chief minister is taking up to defend himself, Mr Ramadass said that it becomes crystal clear that Mr Narayanasamy has no point or case to debate with the Prime Minister but has to only own the responsibility for not holding elections to local bodies thereby creating a constitutional deadlock defying even the direction of the Supreme Court .

By dilly dallying action on this front under flimsy context, he had deprived the masses of their democratic rights, prevented the devolution of Central funds to local Bodies, denied development opportunities and casualised the constitutional provisions, he charged.

Ultimately, it is his apathy, disinclination and irresponsiveness towards democratic decentralization that is at the center of this issue. His conscience would agree with me. Prime Minister’s statement should now wake up the Congress leadership at Delhi to see how the 73rd and 74th amendments so zealously enacted by the late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi are swept under the Congress regime in Puducherry, Mr Ramadass said.


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