Rahul Gandhi has become a permanent part of anti-nationalist toolkit: Nadda

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New Delhi, 17 March : Intensifying the attack on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his statement at Cambridge University about India, BJP National President J.P. Nadda said that Rahul Gandhi has become “a permanent part of this anti-nationalist toolkit.”

Addressing media this morning, Nadda said: “It’s unfortunate that the Congress party is indulging in anti-national activities. After being repeatedly rejected by the nation, Rahul Gandhi has now become a permanent part of this anti-nationalist toolkit.”

He further said: “At a time when India is becoming the 5th largest economy in the world and G20 meetings are being held here, Rahul Gandhi on foreign soil is insulting the nation and the Parliament.”

He also called out on Rahul Gandhi for insulting the government of majority and 130 crore people of India. He said: “Rahul Gandhi is also insulting the elected majority government and 130 crore Indians. What is this if not strengthening the traitors? Rahul Gandhi on foreign soil said that democracy is finished in India and Europe and US should intervene. What could be more shameful than this?”

Seeking Rahul’s apology, Nadda said: “Rahul Gandhi must apologise…In India’s history since Independence, even in most difficult times, none of India’s leaders ever appealed to foreign powers to act against the Indian government. This is a very serious matter in independent India’s history.”

BJP has been targeting Rahul Gandhi ever since he made statements in London about India and its democracy. BJP is also demanding his apology and warned that if Rahul doesn’t apologie, BJP will run a nationwide campaign against him.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, while giving a lecture at Cambridge University in the U.K. recently, said: “Everybody knows and it’s been in the news a lot that Indian democracy is under pressure and under attack. I am an Opposition leader in India, we are navigating that (Opposition) space. The institutional framework which is required for a democratic Parliament, free press, the judiciary, just the idea of mobilisation, moving around all are getting constrained. So, we are facing an attack on the basic structure of Indian democracy.”


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