Rahul Gandhi : ‘No vaccines, lowest GDP; govt response? PM cries’:

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New Delhi, May 22 : A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi got emotional while virtually interacting with the frontline workers in his Lok Sabha constituency in Varanasi, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday took a jibe at Modi, saying that at a time when there are no vaccines and the Covid death toll is at its highest, the government’s response is ‘PM cries.

Rahul Gandhi said in a tweet, “No vaccines, lowest GDP, highest Covid deaths… GOI’s (Government of India) response? PM cries.”

He also attached a report which showed India’s gross domestic product at -8 per cent and 212 deaths due to Covid per million population.

His remarks came a day after Modi choked while condoling the deaths of people who succumbed to Covid-19 in the second wave of pandemic.

As per the data released by the Health Ministry on Saturday, India recorded 4,194 deaths and 2.57 lakh fresh Covid cases in last 24 hours.


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