Rahul Gandhi Update : Rahul slams Centre over foreign aid amid pandemic

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New Delhi, May 10 : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday slammed the union government over the foreign aid to India amid pandemic and alleged that the government did not do its job properly.

Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “GOI’s repeated chest-thumping at receiving foreign aid is pathetic. Had GOI done its job, it wouldn’t have come to this.”

Rahul Gandhi on Sunday had hit out at the Narendra Modi-led Central government for poor handling of the Covid situation.

“Shehron ke baad ab gaon bhi parmatma-nirbhar (After cities, villages also left to the mercy of God,” he said in a tweet, attaching an image of a Hindi caption reading “Covid-19: Mahamari ki dusri lahar ab gaaon mein barpa rahi hai kehr (Covid-19: The second wave of the pandemic now overwhelming villages)”.

Gandhi had earlier tweeted the country doesn’t need a new house for the PM but needs oxygen, attaching photos of people in line for the life-saving gas, and work on the Central Vista.

In another tweet which displayed a graph on the Covid surge and falling vaccinations, he had termed the situation “The Movid pandemic.”


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