Rahul : Only 2 or 3 businessmen benefiting from fuel price hike

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Panaji, Oct 30 : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said only two or three businessmen in the country were being benefited from the fuel price hike that has burned a hole in the common man’s pocket.

Interacting with fisher community at Valsao in South Goa, he said: “UPA cannot be blamed for fuel price rise. That time fuel price in international market was high but now its low. Yet fuel prices are high. You should ask where the money is going? Only two-three businessmen are getting benefits.”
Speaking on environment, he said the party would make sure that Goa did not become a coal hub.

He said there has to be a balance between development and environment and it has to be in favour of people, particularly poor.

“It must not be in favour of big business men. Role of the government is to protect environment. It’s your right. It is job of the people in power to reduce struggle of the people,” he said.

On party manifesto for assembly elections, he said it would be drafted in the coming days after speaking to various sections of people.
“Manifesto would be written after having conversation with the people. Common thread will be to protect environment, fishermen and the weak. I guarantee that commitments made in manifesto will be delivered,” he said.


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