Rajasthan govt creates new Twitter platform for image makeover

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By Archana Sharma

Jaipur, Aug 5 : The Rajasthan government, making news for infighting between the two camps led by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and former Deputy CM Sachin pilot, seems to also be fighting to manage its branding. It has launched a new Twitter channel called ‘DIPR Fact Check’ which posts the cuttings of stories published in renowned media houses and then pastes its own comments against it to clarify its stand on the news.

The new Twitter handle of DIPR has become a matter of discussion in various parts of the state with a few officials calling it a channel created by the government to clarify its position while others call it a tool to fight the news which might hamper the government’s branding.

With around 900 followers, the channel, launched in May this year has been tagging the CM, Rajasthan CMO and Raghu Sharma, state minister of information and PR in almost all its posts.

While a few officials called this act as a channel to maintain transparency, a few others termed it as a brand building exercise by the government.

For news being generated about the mismanagement of power bills, the comment from DIPR explains the elaborate process of bill reading and explains how a person needs to connect with the call centre of the office in his sub-block.

Similarly, for news about undeclared power cuts, the comment from DIPR quotes the reason for the power cuts and says that the problem has been addressed.

For news on missing sewer covers causing accidents on roads, the DIPR officials reverted saying, “all caps of sewerage are in place in the city. Even at places where there was a fault, things have been rectified. Engineers have been deputed to figure out any irregularity in the matter and it shall be sorted.”

These are just a few reverts against the news published in different newspapers. However, the list posted on the Twitter handle of DIPR is quite long.

The department is quick to paste the copy of the news and its own clarification. The comment comes duly signed by senior officers.

This is something new not only in the state, but also across the nation, DIPR officials told IANS.

The DIPR generally acts as a bridge between the government and the media in disseminating information.

“This, however, seems like a first of its kind innovation being made by a department like ours. We have had to create our own platform to present our views on public forum as not all news circulated around seem true,” Purusottam Sharma, Director & ex-officio Joint Secretary to the Government, told IANS.

The state government had also engaged a public relations agency for brand building soon after assuming power.


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