Ranchi Archdiocese continues its services for down trodden in Jharkhand

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RANCHI, August 29, 2021, The Archdiocese of Ranchi continues to reach out to the poor and needy amidst the heavy rainfall and flat tier of vehicle in Dibdih, Ranchi at Fr. Agnel School campus. Dibdih is a Locality in Ranchi City of Jharkhand. People in and around Fr. Angel School are of Daily Wages Earners. The dry ration was distributed among 200 needy families whose life has been difficult due to COVID -19 pandemic.

The families got fifteen days ration of rice, pulses, gram, soybean and cooking oil.The ration distribution work has being organized and supervised by Archbishop Felix Toppo SJ and Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas SFX, under the banner of Ranchi Archdiocese Cares for the Needy and Poor.

The Sisters of Missionary of Charity (MC), who have a Contemplation House in Dibdih, approached to Archbishop Felix Toppo and Bishop Theodore Mascarenhans and expressed their concerns to help the poor. They said, “Bishops there are many poor people in Dibdih and if it is possible, we want to help them.” Both the bishops agreed upon it and the execution of ration distribution was organized in Dibdhi with the help of Mr. KuldeepTirkey, former Youth President, Fathers of Society of Pilar and Local Representatives. Mr. KuldeepTrikey said that these ration packages are a loving gift from the Catholic Church.

The Women and Catholic Sabha of the locality welcomed Archbishop Felix Toppo and Bishop Theodore,with a traditional tribal way of washing of hands and flowers as a sign of their gratitude and thankfulness for their help and support. They also informed the Archbishop and others about the village set up and people’s conditions and thanked the Archdiocese of Ranchi for its selfless charity work. Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas acknowledged the service render by thesisters Missionary of Charity and their concerns for the poor people. He said, “Sisters are always with the poor and they stand with the poor people.” He also acknowledged the contribution given by the benefactors and even the small children who save their pocket money contributed toward this noble act of charity. Archbishop Felix Toppo underlined that the Catholic Church caters the needs of the people and seeks to help those in need. He requested the people to pray to God for the benefactors. Archbishop Felix prayed for God’s protection and grace for people.People were happy and thanked the entire team for this help.

Sisters of Missionary of Charity (MC), the archdiocese priests, Fr. Sushil Toppo, Fr. Ashit Toppo, Bro. Sumit Bara, Bro. Juel, Mr. KuldeepTirkey, Amber, Noel Louis, the local representatives of MahilaSangh, Catholic Sabha and others helped in organizing and distribution of ration in Fr. Agnel School Campus.

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