Religious News Update : Kashmiri Pandits to celebrate Herath in Kashmir

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Srinagar, Mar 9 : The most important festival of the Kashmiri pandits ‘Herath’ (Maha Shivratri) – will be celebrated throughout the valley by members of the pandit community on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the fishers department has made available fish at different stalls in the valley, including in the summer capital, Srinagar.

The members of the community are visiting temples, particularly Shankaracharya on the hilltop of Takhat-e-Suliman, since early this morning to pay obeisance.

After joining night-long puja in their respective houses, people are greeting each other on the occasion of ‘Salaam’, a Persian word for greeting. Muslims and members of other communities are greeting their Kashmiri pandit brethren on the occasion.

Authorities have set up special fish sale counters for two days from Tuesday at different places in the valley for the Kashmiri pandits, who didn’t migrate along with other community members in the 90s or returned here.

Meanwhile, Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party (JKAP) president Altaf Bukhari on Monday said the consuming non-vegetarian food is not about community. “Even our Kashmiri Pandit brothers consume meat and fish on Shivratri and other occasions,” he said.

Mr Bukhari termed the local bureaucracy as inefficient saying it has not been able to fix the rate of mutton for so many months now. “Is this a conspiracy to turn meat-eating people into vegetarians? It is not about one community even our Kashmiri Pandit brothers consume meat and fish on Shivratri,” he said.

The Shivratri festival extends to about three weeks in Kashmiri Pandits’ households and each day or a group of days has a special name and religious function which include social performances also.

Some of the names are Akodah, Hurya Aatham, Dyara Daham, Vagarye Bah, Heracnia Truvah, Donya Mavas and Tila Aatham. On each day they have different functions.


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