Russian Security Council : Terrorists creating cyberunits, provoking armed conflicts

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Moscow, Oct 13 : Terrorists are already creating their cyberunits, which may lead to acute international conflicts, up to armed clashes, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev said on Wednesday.

“Terrorists are already creating their own cyberunits. It is difficult to timely establish the source of an attack, which can lead to acute interstate conflicts, up to armed clashes, and we believe this is particularly dangerous,” Patrushev warned at a meeting of special services.

The coronavirus restrictions pushed terrorists and criminals to more actively use various software tools and Internet technologies, the Russian Security Council chief explained, pointing to increasing risks of hacker attacks on important infrastructure facilities.

In addition, NATO countries keep developing their offensive information capabilities, including AI technologies, proactive cyberdefense concept and special formation designed for offensive cyberoperations, Patrushev noted.


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