Safety audit of HP schools ordered

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Hamirpur (HP), August 21 : The HP government has issued an order for conducting a safety audit of the school buildings of the state.

The Supreme Court itself has given instructions regarding the safety audit of school buildings. The Supreme Court itself is monitoring the project.

Earlier, the Education Department had given instructions to prepare a safety plan for every school under the School Safety Project. All the schools have also made this plan.

Under the plan, it has been suggested what to do in case of any natural calamity.

Sources in the Education Department said that there will be a safety audit of Himachal’s government schools. This audit will be done in two ways. First structural and second nonstructural.

In the structural audit, it will be seen how strong the school building is. How strong is the foundation of the school building for natural calamities like earthquakes, fires, floods, etc? To see whether the wood used in the roof of the school building is good and not old. What can be done to improve it? What should be done to strengthen the wall of the building?

In the non-structural, it will be seen whether there is fencing in the school building or not, and whether the wood which is installed is old or not. To see that there is no place in the school that invites danger. All these things will be seen in detail.

A circular has been issued to the Deputy Directors of all the districts in this regard on behalf of the Director of Higher Education Dr. Amarjeet Sharma.

District Deputy Directors has instructed the schools to get this audit done by contacting the engineers of the State Public Works Department. After getting the audit done, the certificate of school safety from the said officer should be taken, as the order has stated.


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