SC refuses to entertain Manish Kashyap’s petition, against multiple FIRs in Bihar and TN on his alleged fake videos

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New Delhi, May 8 : Supreme Court in its order on Monday refused to entertain blogger Manish Kashyap’s petition against multiple FIRs in Bihar and TNlamil Nadu on his alleged fake video relating to violence against migrant labourers from Bihar in TN.

“We can’t be seen lending support to you. You publish anything and create disquiet,” the Supreme Court, in its order said, on Monday, and refused to entertain Manish Kashyap’s petition, and asked him to approach the concerned State High Court for any relief.

This order of the Supreme Court seemed to be a major setback for Manish Kashyap.

The Apex Court bench, headed by the Chief Justice of India (CJI) Dr Dhananjaya Yeshwant Chadrachud, refused to entertain the petiton filed by Blogger, Manish Kashyap.
It said that the petitioner, Manish Kashyap, would be at liberty to move to Patna High Court and Madras HC for appropriate relief.

The bench led by CJI Dr Chandrachud also said that TN is a stable state and Kashyap is accused of disturbing peace through fake videos, dismissed Kashyap’s plea.
TN government told the Apex Court that invocation of NSA has been confirmed by the state advisory board.

The Supreme Court also refused to interfere with the invocation of NSA & slapping of multiple cases against Youtuber Manish Kashyap in Bihar & Tamil Nadu over his videos claiming migrants from Bihar being targeted in the southern state.

“We are not inclined to use our powers under article 32… the petitioner is at liberty to approach appropriate authorities for remedy including the NSA,” the Supreme Court said in its order today.

The Supreme Court was hearing a plea filed by Youtuber, Manish Kashyap seeking clubbing of First Information Reports (FIRs) for making fake videos of attacks on Bihari migrants.

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