SCR completes electrification of Dharmavaram – Pakala section

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Hyderabad, August 8 : South Central Railway (SCR) has achieved one more milestone in the path of electrification of railway lines across its network by completing the electrification work between the entire stretch of Dharmavaram – Pakala section of Andhra Pradesh.

The last stretch of Kalikiri – Tummanamgutta for a distance of 50 Kms in Dharmavaram – Pakala section has now been electrified giving boost to Mission electrification, a SCR statement here said on Monday.

This has led to major infrastructure enhancement particularly in the Rayalaseema region in the state of Andhra Pradesh duly facilitating for the introduction of electric traction in the interior sections of the Anantapur, Kurnool and Chittoor Districts of Rayalaseema region.

The trains can now be operated with electric traction on end to end basis destined to Tirupati, Katpadi, Chennai and beyond via Dharmavaram, Kadiri, Pakala. The Railway lines of the entire Guntakal Division have now been electrified.

The section between Kalikiri – Tummanamgutta for a distance of 50 Kms has been electrified as part of the Dharmavaram – Pakala electrification project.

This project had been sanctioned in the year 2017-18 for a distance of 228 Kms at an estimated cost of Rs 253 crores.
The section between Dharmavaram – Kadiri for a distance of 68 Route Kms was completed in March 2021 and the sections between Kadiri – Tummanamgutta for 54 Kms and Pakala – Kalikiri for 56 Kms have been electrified in March 2022.

The last stretch in the section between Tummanamgutta – Kalikiri for 50 Kms has now been completed marking the completion of Dharmavaram – Pakala electrification project as well as the electrification of the entire Guntakal Division.

SCR General Manager (In-Charge) Arun Kumar Jain has advised to speed up the electrification works across the Zone so as to complete all works within the year 2023.


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