Shivpal : Raids being held to harass SP supporters

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Etawah (Uttar Pradesh), Jan 6 : Pragatisheel Samajwadi Party Lohia (PSPL) president Shivpal Yadav has said that the spate of raids being carried out recently, are not to dig out black money but are aimed at harassing Samajwadi Party supporters.

“Raids are being conducted on the Samajwadi people as elections are approaching, but nothing has been found yet,” he said at an election meeting in Takha block in Etawah on Wednesday evening.

Shivpal said, “In Kanpur and Kannauj, the BJP raided its own supporters by mistake. Samajwadis are not at all afraid of any action. We have accepted SP national president Akhilesh Yadav as our leader. SP and PSPL have become one on the demands of the people of the state.”

He said, “We are all united to make Akhilesh the chief minister of UP. He (Akhilesh) has also promised to give 300 units of electricity free, and he will fulfil it.”

He said that corruption and inflation are at its peak due to the anti-people policies of the Central and the state governments.

“BJP is only making progress in slogans and advertisements, while the debt on the country is continuously increasing with each passing day,” he said.

He said that action will be taken against those who had imposed false penalties and filed fake cases on farmers regarding electricity, as soon as they came into power.

He said that Akhilesh and he would soon start addressing joint rallies in the state.


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