Sisodia says : ‘Best excise policy’ in India,

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New Delhi, August 20 : A day after CBI conducted raids at his office and residence in connection with its probe into alleged irregularities in implementing the Delhi Excise Policy, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Saturday termed the Excise Police ‘best in the country’.

Talking to reporters outside his residence, senior AAP leader said the policy had been implemented with full ‘transparency’ and ‘honesty’, but BJP unnecessarily making hue and cry over it.

Sisodia said that if the then LG would have not changed the decision within 48 hour, government would have received 10 thousand crore every year.

“BJP has nothing to do with new Excise Policy. The only problem it does have with Arvind Kejriwal’s growing popularity across the country. Therefore, they are using CBI against me in a false case,” Sisodia added.

After Punjab, Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP is being seen as an alternative across the country. Their only motive is to stop Kejriwal by any means, he further said.

Sisodia also refuted all allegations made by BJP.

“BJP has been claiming multi crore scam in implementing of new excise policy while CBI sleuths who came to my house for search informed me that it is the probe about just Rs one crore (as per their sources), said Sisodia.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Friday raided Sisodia’s premises in connection with its probe into alleged irregularities in the rollout of the Delhi Excise Policy.

CBI has registered a case against Sisodia and others, including Arva Gopi Krishna (the then Commissioner (Excise), Anand Tiwari (the then Deputy Commissioner (Excise), Pankaj Bhatnagar (then Assistant Commissioner (Excise) and 10 liquor licencees, their associates and others in connection with the case.


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