Sisodia’s letter from Tihar jail calls for education as key to equality, empowerment

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New Delhi, May 19 : Manish Sisodia, Delhi’s former deputy chief minister and education minister, in a letter from Tihar Jail has emphasised the transformative power of education and the need to uplift the underprivileged sections of society.

The letter, which was shared on Twitter by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, emphasizes the crucial role of education in providing equal opportunities for every child.

Sisodia, through his letter which is written in Hindi, draws attention to the consequences of neglecting the education of the less fortunate, asserting that denying education to the impoverished not only perpetuates inequality but also fuels a vicious cycle of hatred and violence.

“If every impoverished individual is equipped with a book, who would remain to propagate hatred? If every person finds meaningful work to occupy their hands, who would resort to wielding swords on the streets?”

In his letter, Sisodia underscores the importance of a strong educational foundation in dismantling barriers and combating divisive ideologies. He believes that an educated society, built on knowledge and wisdom, holds the key to eradicating the illusion of hatred.

Sisodia further emphasizes that with the widespread access to quality education, the eventual demise of ‘WhatsApp University’ is inevitable.

“When society is built upon the solid foundation of education and wisdom, individuals will no longer be ensnared in the tangled web of hatred,” the letter read.

Furthermore, Sisodia highlights the empowerment that education brings, particularly to the marginalised. He stresses the significance of providing tools such as pens to enable individuals to express their thoughts and aspirations freely.

He asserts that once education reaches every child in the society, it will challenge and scrutinise your cunningness and manipulative tactics.

“As the power of the pen reaches the hands of the underprivileged, they will fearlessly give voice to their deepest thoughts and beliefs,” the letter further read.

“Regardless of whether you imprison us or subject us to punishment, this journey will persist. When every underprivileged child receives an education, your grand palace will be left empty and devoid of meaning,” it added.

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