Some people lying to create false narrative: Vice-President Dhankhar

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Meerut (UP), Mar 11 : Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar on Saturday said that Indian democracy is vibrant and functional and in such a situation there could be no bigger lie than someone in order to set a narrative saying that the mike gets off in the biggest panchayat of the world, the Parliament.

While addressing the Ayurveda Maha Sammelan at Chaudhary Charan Singh University without taking the name of former Congress president Rahul Gandhi, the VP said, “We are the world’s most flexible democracy. Not a single country can claim that it has democracy right from the village panchayat to the center.”

He said, “There are different ideologies and it is vibrant and functional. In such a situation in order to set a narrative, if someone says that mikes go off in Parliament, the biggest panchayat of the world, there would be no lie bigger than this.”

Dhankhar said, “Being the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha I had to perform my constitutional duty to indicate to the world at large that mikes don’t go off in the Indian Parliament. There was a time when there was a black chapter, an extreme black chapter which was called Emergency, but it is not possible now.”

He said, “Behave in a similar manner with those who with a small vision say anything to demean the great achievements of the great country and do not control their tongue.”

Citing history of Meerut, he said that for a very long period people continued to tarnish the history of what happened here in the year 1857 and never called it a freedom struggle. “Now a change has come in thinking as well as direction. Today we have to think where India is? Every thing which people never thought or imagined is happening in India,” he said.

The VP said that today India is setting global discourse. “For example see the dimensions of the investors summit held in Uttar Pradesh, see the interest of the people across the world and see the sectoral development, you will come to know,” he said.

Citing the example of Covid outbreak, he said that today the entire world bows before India that how a country with a population of 140 crore people handled the pandemic. “No one can compete with India. What a visionary programme it was when the Prime Minister said to impose Janata Curfew. It was difficult to teach the lesson of social distancing and protocols, but it was done,” he said.

Dhankhar said, “But it did not go well with some people. We innovated vaccines, but it also didn’t go well with some people and they said that these vaccines were not good and asked to bring another vaccine.”

He said, “220 dosages have been administered in the country so far. The biggest power in the world cannot claim that it is digital. No country can take that decision except India where 220 vaccination certificates are on digital mapping. This was not done even in the US.”

The VP said that during Covid period the people all over the world saw the relevance of Ayurveda. “Today our Yoga is taking care of the health of the world. Our culture is very clear that a healthy body is the biggest happiness and that is the end,” he said.

He said that after 30 years a major change took place when the Indian public discarded the coalition government and elected the government of a single political party. “I am not a stakeholder in politics, I am a stakeholder in the growth of the country and constitutional governance,” he said.

Dhankhar said that 10 to 15 crore households got cooking gas connections when a stable government came to power. “I am extremely pained when someone says what is happening in India. Which country can claim that its judiciary acts with a lightning speed as our Supreme Court does. Which country can claim that it has such a strong democracy like India and which country can claim that its government thinks big and achieves bigger than that,” he said.

He said that Uttar Pradesh is an example of this. “People never thought that law and order would come here. People used to think in how many days it will come and for how many days it will remain. Law and order not only came, but its roots are growing deeper and deeper day by day,” he said.

The VP said that we are fortunate that we all are contributing to the Amrit Kaal of independence. “But youths are the real warriors of 2047 and they will decide where India will be in 2047. You cannot maintain silence on some issues. Our country is a great country and one cannot tarnish its image,” he said.

He said, “Can anyone issue a statement all of a sudden that there is no food security in the country. Since April 1, 2020 more than 80 crore people are getting food grain till date. Country’s interest in the focal point of India’s governance system. It has been seen for the first time when India is not only being heard, but people wait what India is going to say on a world issue.”

Dhankhar said that in the world’s assessment India is the fastest growing economy. “On October 2, 2014 when the PM started the Swachh Bharat Mission some people said what he was doing. Now everyone can see the revolutionary change in terms of cleanliness and toilets. Our achievements are now staggering,” he said.

He said, “During my two foreign visits I have witnessed it. When I am introduced as the Vice President of the Republic of India there is an electrical impact in the opposite standing person. We are a great nation where people are geniuses and the world has accepted our ability and the amount of work we do.”


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