Speakers : Bangladeshi constitution has made minorities ‘state minority’

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By Mir Afroz Zaman

Dhaka, Nov 9 : The Bangladesh National Hindu Buddhist Khristan Oikkya Parishad (A Unity Council) has claimed that the constitution of Bangladesh has made the minorities a state minority.

In a meeting held at the organization’s office on Monday evening on the occasion of Constitution Day, the negotiators termed the constitution as a ‘mess’ and said the constitution has made the religion of the religious majority people ‘state religion’ and practically different religions ‘state minorities’.

But politicians often say that there is no minority-majority in Bangladesh, which is ridiculous.

They lamented that while the duty of the state and politics is to consolidate national unity, the constitution has divided the united Bengali nationalism through religion and introduced it to Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists and Christians.

We are no longer Bengali today, which is unfortunate. The negotiators said the existing constitution was acting as a source of communalism at the national level. They demanded the restoration of the Constitution of 1972 to protect the country from national catastrophe.

Dr Neem Chandra Bhowmik chaired the meeting.

Advocate Rana Dasgupta delivered the welcome speech. Dr. Govinda Chandra Mandal took part in the discussion as the chief guest. Among the other negotiators were Milon Kanti Dutt, Bhikkhu Sunandapriya, Barrister Tapas Kanti Bal and former secretary, Prashant Kumar Roy. The program was conducted by Pranatosh Acharya Shibu.


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