State Council : China to reduce number of abortions for non-medical reasons

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Beijing, Sep 27 : The Chinese government will work to raise the general level of public awareness on reproductive health and reduce the rate of abortions undertaken without medical necessity, the State Council said in its 2021-2030 development plan for women and children published on Monday.

The plan requires that local authorities implement educational programs focused on sexual health and morality, among both women and men. Women will need to be educated more about the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

Among other things, the Chinese government plans to reinforce the distribution of basic contraceptive means among population in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies and “reduce the number of induced abortions for non-medical purposes.”

The National Health Committee statistics suggests that the annual number of abortions in the country averaged 9 million in years to 2018.

China’s notorious one-child policy, which it had exercised from 1980 to 2015, seriously skewed the gender balance of the population into male prevalence. On August 20, the Chinese National People’s Congress approved amendments to the Population and Family Planning Law, allowing couples to have a third child.


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