National Update : Success and failure do not determine one’s present or future: Modi

New Delhi, Feb 19 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that success and failure do not determine one’s present or future.

Addressing the Visva-Bharati University convocation virtually, Modi said, “You may not get results you thought after a decision, but you should not be afraid to take a decision “

The Prime Minister emphasised that if your intention is clear and your loyalty is towards “Ma Bharti” (Motherland), then every decision will move towards some solution.

“Success and failure do not determine our present & future. You may not get results you thought after a decision, but you should not be afraid to take a decision.”

Highlighting the importance of knowledge, Modi said, “You will always have to remember that ‘knowledge, education and skill’ are not static, it is a continuous process. And there will always be scope for ‘course correction’. But knowledge and power both come with responsibility.”

“This is not just a question of ideology, but also a matter of mindset. What you do depends on whether your mindset is positive or negative. Those who are spreading terror and violence in the world are highly learned or skilled people while on other hand there are people who are working day and night in labs fighting a pandemic,” said the Prime Minister.

He added that Visva-Bharati is not only a varsity, but a part of a vibrant tradition.

“If Gurudev (Rabindranath Tagore) wanted to see Visva-Bharati as just a university and not a global university. With the thought that creativity has no boundary, Gurudev laid the foundation of this university,” he said.

“He said Visva-Bharati was not merely a place of knowledge, it was an attempt to reach the topmost goal of Indian culture,” said the Prime Minister.

Highlighting Bengal contribution in education, Modi said, “Bengal has led the country in advancing India’s rich knowledge and science in the past. Bengal has been the site of inspiration for the best of India and also a place of work.”

Referring to the National Education Policy (NEP), the Prime Minister said, “The that the new NEP, apart from breaking the old shackles, have given the students complete freedom to show their ability. This education policy gives you the freedom to read different subjects in your language.”

“This education policy also promotes entrepreneurship, self employment, research and innovation. This education policy is also an important step in building a self-reliant India,” he said.


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