Super Dancer: Chapter 4 : Madhoo Shah enlivens ‘Super Dancer: Chapter 4’

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Mumbai, Aug 26 : Actress Madhoo Shah will be the special guest on dance reality show ‘Super Dancer: Chapter 4’ for a ‘Madhoo Special’ episode on Sunday.

While all the contestants try to give their best performances, contestant Spriha and ‘super guru’ Sanam Johar will be seen presenting an emotional act on the song, ‘Roja’. Depicting a beautiful father-daughter relationship, Spriha and Sanam perform with so much emotion that it leaves the judges and Madoo emotional.

Madhoo said: “What should I say? I somehow feel that this is my story. My father was a single parent. He raised me and we had the best family. Today, he is not with us but the bond between a father and daughter is something you can’t imagine. My brother went to America, but I was always there with him and refused to ever leave him. Today, I have my own family, but I still miss him every day. I was my father’s hero! Your performance touched my heart in every way.”

Shilpa Shetty Kundra said: “Sanam and Spriha the memories that you have given us today through your performance, the audience will never forget these memories. Just like Madhoo said, it really touched my soul. I loved the choreography and the concept. I feel this performance had heart in it. This performance definitely deserves a ‘seedhi’ (stairs) ovation.”

After the performance, an emotional Sanam Johar said, “I also have a single parent just like Madhoo maam. Today, my girlfriend is sitting here and showing my performance to my mother on the video call just because she wanted to see me perform live. I can’t call her here and make her sit and watch my performance because she is taking care of my sister’s newborn baby, but today I really miss her.”

The Saturday episode will be a ‘Grandparent’s Special’ episode in which super gurus and contestants would be paying tributes to their grandparents through dance performances.

‘Super Dancer: Chapter 4’ airs on Sony Entertainment Television.


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