Surjewala : Bommai govt preoccupied with “Operation Bitcoin Scam Cover Up

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Bengaluru, Nov 13 : Calling it as India’s biggest-ever Bitcoin scam, Congress Spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala on Saturday said that the BJP government in Karnataka appears to be preoccupied with “Operation Bitcoin Scam Cover Up”, instead of conducting a fair investigation into it.

This remark comes in the wake of allegations levelled by Congress leaders that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is apparently trying to drop the investigation into the Bitcoin scam by telling Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai not to worry about it.

Bommai had told reporters at New Delhi after meeting PM Modi that Modi had asked him not to worry about the scam and focus on giving good governance in the state.

In a statement here, Surjewala posed several questions to the Bommai government asking to reveal the actors in the Bitcoin Coverup Scam.

He also asked the government to disclose whether the stolen bitcoins were transferred from the wallet of alleged hacker Sri Krishna. “How many bitcoins and of what value were transferred? How does the Bengaluru police then suggest (in its third Panchnama dated 22nd January 2021) that the 31 & 186 Bitcoins allegedly transferred to the police wallet were lost or were found to be fake transactions?” he questioned.

Surjewala asked the government whether it investigated the correlation between “Whale Alerts” reflecting the transfer of the 14,682 stolen Bitfinex bitcoins valued at Rs 5,240 crores and Srikrishna’s custody, suggesting that the illegal money was transferred to influential people to bury the case.

The Congress spokesperson questioned Bommai’s role in the scame, who was the then Home Minister of the state, when these illegal transactions happened.

Surjewala also questioned the government for not informing such gigantic offences with international ramifications and waiting for five months up till 24 April 2021 to write to Interpol, after the release of Srikrishna on 17 April, 2021.

He also asked the reason for the BJP government not to inform NIA, SFIO and ED.


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