Suvendu Adhikari accuses Trinamool of indulging in “dirty culture”

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Kolkata, Dec 20 : Barely a day after claiming that he was manhandled by the Kolkata Police, Leader of the Opposition in West Bengal Legislative Assembly Suvendu Adhikari on Monday took

a dig at the Trinamool Congress for allegedly stooping to “dirty culture”.

” People of WB, please look at the dirty culture of TMC. Yesterday (Sunday) they could not stop

me with all their might, using thousands of police personnel. So they have plummeted even lower: playing songs on loudspeakers in front of my residence without any authorisation and decency, “

BJP MLA Suvendu Adhikari posted on his twitter handle.

” My busy schedule does not allow me to stay at home, but my 83 years old father Sisir Adhikari

and 74 years old ailing mother become targets of this nuisance. @MamataOfficial must remember: what goes around comes around. Culture conscious people of WB would judge your conscience, ” Adhikari wrote.

He also informed the DGP as well as the concerned officials to take it as cognizance.

On Sunday Adhikari also took to his twitter handle and alleged that he was manhandled by

the Kolkata Police.

” Kolkata Police official manhandled me & roughed up my colleagues in front of WB Election Commissioner’s office. CP Kolkata must have directed his subordinates to suppress opposition

voices as per his political boss’s instruction.Our resistance will only get stronger, ” the BJP leader



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