Taliban Acting PM Mohammad Akhund accuses former President Ghani of corruption

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Kabul, Nov 28 : Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund, the acting Prime Minister of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, broke his silence and spoke for the first time since his appointment, following criticism on social media about him not speaking.

Afghanistan’s National Radio and Television broadcast Mohammad Hassan Akhund’s audio speech on Saturday evening where he accused former President Ashraf Ghani of corruption and embezzlement of funds.

“Ghani had established a bank inside the Presidential palace”, Akhund said in his speech addressing the Afghan nation, Khaama reported.

Taliban soldiers found the bulk of cash in the Presidential palace which was left behind by Ghani and his team while escaping, he added.

Akhund also touched on the general amnesty the Taliban had announced and said any former civilian and military servants of the previous regime and officials are covered under the general amnesty.

“Only those who commit crimes will be punished,” he said.

On women’s rights, he said the Taliban are committed to respecting women’s rights as per the Islamic law, and better than the former administration, but he did not elaborate on how the Taliban regime will provide freedom to women in Afghanistan and recognize their rights.

On the acute poverty facing the nation, he said the Taliban have not promised to feed the nation, people must “beg God” for food.

According to Tolo News, Akhund said the Islamic Emirate wants to have good relations with all the countries and have economic relations with them. He said the Islamic Emirate will not interfere in any country’s internal affairs.

He also called on the international community to continue their humanitarian aid to the people of Afghanistan.

Pointing to the security situation, Prime Minister Akhund said he had received reports that some armed men enter people’s houses and create disorder. He said those people do not belong to the Islamic Emirate and called on the authorities to stop such activities in the country.

He also claimed the current government is more inclusive than the former government, saying that in the former government the power was in the hands of a limited number of individuals.

Mohammad Hassan Akhund has been a key member of the Taliban regime since the establishment of the movement. He served as Kandahar governor, Minister of Foreign Affairs in the former Taliban administration (1996-2001).

Mohammad Hassan Akhund along with several other ministers of the Taliban regime are on the UN sanctions list.


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