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‘Talk within alliance’: Chirag Paswan advises uncle Paras

Patna, July 23 : A day after Union Minister Pasupati Kumar Paras claimed that he will contest Hajipur Lok Sabha seat in 2024 at any cost, his nephew Chirag Paswan, who is also laying claim to the seat, advised him to discuss such matters within the alliance.

“Just shouting in public would not address his issues. He is older than me and he can get angry but I want to advise him to discuss issues in the alliance to address the problems. Just going into the media and shouting in public would not help him,” Paswan, who reached Hajipur, said.

“Every alliance has a limit. Unless and until all points are not finalised within the alliance, it would not be wise to discuss things in public. Creating disputes is not a good thing for an alliance. Whatever I raised the points, it was within the alliance and there is no meaning to discuss these things on public platforms,” he added.

Asked about his touching the feet of Paras during the July 18 NDA meeting in Delhi, Paswan said: “I came far away from these things in the last two and half years. I did not talk against him in the past and will not say anything in the future. For me, Bihar First Bihari First is the final agenda for me.”

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