Technology Update : Bhopal launches campaign to shame tax defaulters

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Bhopal, Feb 19 : The Municipal Corporation here will soon come out with a unique campaign for the recovery of tax amount from big defaulters.

Under the campaign, the civic workers would beat drums outside the houses of such defaulters and place posters of tax defaulters.

The sources said that the municipal corporation used to hold campaigns from time to time for tax collections but in absence of public’s contribution these campaigns never deliver expected results. 

In such a situation, preparations are being made to run this campaign so that people would pay their taxes to save their social image.

Bhopal Divisional Commissioner and District Municipal Corporation Administrator, Kavindra Kiyawat, has said that hoardings should be put up at the houses and nearby the houses of big tax defaulters with details of their name and property mentioning the outstanding tax amount. Such action needs to be started immediately in every zone.

Kiyawat also directed that the defaulters should be requested to pay tax by beating drums outside their houses. For this, the campaign will be started immediately.


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