Technology Update : Google removes Trump’s campaign app from Play Store

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San Francisco, Feb 18 : Google has removed former US president Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign app from its Play Store for violating its policies.

Android Police first reported that the app was unable to load any content and appeared to have been taken down.

Both the Android version of the app and its iOS counterpart have been left online since the November 2020 elections, but hadn’t received recent updates.

The Play Store version hadn’t been updated since October 30.

“The Trump 2020 campaign app recently stopped working and we reached out to the developer multiple times in an attempt to get them to address the issue,” a Google spokesperson was quoted as saying in reports on Wednesday.

“People expect that apps downloaded from Google Play provide a minimum level of functionality and our policy is to remove non-working apps from the store if they are not fixed,” the spokesperson told TechCrunch.

The Trump 2020 app dates back to 2016, where it was used in the former president’s first campaign.

The app allowed users to register for Trump rallies, check into events, contribute financially, keep up to date with campaign news, and earn rewards.

The iOS version was still able to load which means Apple has not suspended the app as yet.


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