Tejasvi issues “Dos and Don’ts” list for RJD Ministers

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Patna, August 20 : In order to avoid controversies following the induction of ministers from RJD into the Bihar government, Deputy chief minister Tejasvi Prasad Yadav on Saturday issued a charter of “Dos and Don’ts” instructing them to follow it strictly and to maintain ethics in public life.

Cautioning them towards the ethos and their conduct, Tejasvi who released the list of dos and don’ts asked the newly inducted ministers in Bihar government belonging to his party, RJD, to promote a work culture with speedy execution of the work and act with honesty under the leadership of the chief minister.

Tejasvi, strictly prohibited the ministers from his party from purchasing new vehicles for their respective departments.

He has instructed the ministers to spread positive information through social media about the activities of their departments as well as the welfare steps taken up by the Chief Minister.

The charter of dos and don’ts specifies the social conduct of the ministers who have been asked not to let any elderly worker, supporter or well wisher of the party touch their feet. Instead of doing so Tejasvi has asked them to promote the tradition of “pranam, namaste and adab”.

He has also asked the ministers to be soft towards the people belonging to any caste, creed or religion and help the needy on a priority basis.

Instead of presenting bouquet he suggested offering books and pen as a mark of respect.


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