Tejaswi : Nitish patronising criminals in Bihar

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Patna, Jul 11 : Leader of the opposition Tejaswi Prasad Yadav on Sunday alleged that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was patronising criminals in Bihar and arrest of a contract killer near gate of residence of Bhagalpur MP Ajay Mandal was a reflection to this prevailing ground realities in the state.

Mr Yadav tweeted, ” MP of Chief Minister Mr Kumar gives shelter to criminals and when arrested, he describes them as God. Mr Kumar is greatest patroniser of criminals in Bihar”. People were well aware of true face of Mr Kumar, he remarked.

As it is, a notorious criminal Kapil Yadav was arrested near gate of the residence of JD(U) MP from Bhagalpur Ajay Mandal. When asked Mr Mandal had said that anyone coming to his residence was like his God. This remark gave opportunity opposition to target Chief Minister Mr Kumar.


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