Telecom Minister : Efforts on to bring down cost of smart phones

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New Delhi, Dec 13 : Union Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw on Monday said efforts were afoot to reduce supply chain costs in mobile phone manufacturing and various initiatives were in the works to increase India’s design capabilities, to make smart phone availability reach the last mile becoming more affordable to the poor.

Speaking at an industry event organised by the CII, Vaishnaw said the country has made major leaps moving forward in its manufacturing capabilities of mobile phones.

“Today, India is globally second largest mobile phone manufacturer. So with this kind of eco-system which has developed over last 4-5 years mobile phone costs have come down to less than, I would say, Rs 10,000,” he said.

In a significant way that is very, very important price point because that is the price point at which it becomes affordable to the lowest income section in the society,” Vaishnaw added.

The Minister said that various initiatives are being taken to reduce supply chain costs.

“More initiatives coming on that. How do we make sure how all the components are also manufactured in India so that the supply chain cost reduces further?

“How do we manufacture chips in India? How do we have the design capabilities in India? With that eco-system the cost of smart phones will further reduce and that will bring down price point further and make it more affordable,” the Minister said.


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